Eat & Drink

Hartford’s Renowned Food Scene

Hartford boasts some of the best and most popular dining establishments in the state. While Downtown is filled with amazing restaurants, bars and pubs, each neighborhood provides something a little different to those looking for great food and drinks.

Restaurants >

Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner


If you love food, you’ll love the endless options of restaurants in Hartford. From Italian & and Latin cuisines, to award winning barbecue, there is something for everyone’s palate in Hartford.

Bars >

Beer, Cocktails & More Beer


There are certainly no shortage of bars, pubs and grills in Hartford. Whether you’re in the mood a pint or fancy cocktail, the options in the city are extensive.

Food Trucks >

Food On Wheels


Some of Hartford’s most delicious dishes come from the many food trucks parked on city streets. The variety of cuisines is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of foodies.

Farmers Markets >

Eat Fresh, Eat Local


There are a number of Farmers Markets throughout the city, throughout the year. You’ll find some of the best locally grown and made products of the Hartford Region at these neighborhood markets.

Breweries >

Brewers Guide To Hartford


The craft brewing industry has exploded nationwide, and Hartford has certainly benefited from it. Joining Hartford favorites Hooker Brewing Co. and City Steam, new breweries like Hanging Hills and Hog River have made the city a premier destination for beer lovers everywhere.

Coffee Shops >

Coffee Lovers Unite


It’s certainly safe to say that Hartford loves its coffee. From traditional neighborhood staples like Mozzicato’s to new trendy spots like Spectra Wired, it’ll be easy to sustain your caffeine buzz in this city.